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Flat Fee Real Estate Service

With its "Full Service with $avings!"® program, Assist-2-Sell offers homeowners all of the services they might find at a "traditional" real estate company, but for a low, flat fee. Prices do vary by office so please contact an Assist-2-Sell office in your area for more information about our discounted costs for real estate services.


All Assist-2-Sell franchise offices are licensed, full-service discount rate real estate brokerages that take care of everything home sellers need from a real estate company but with the advantage and savings only a low commission real estate agent can offer.


Selling a home at a reduced commission with Assist-2-Sell can help homeowners sell their homes faster and at a substantial savings.


When a home seller decides to work with an Assist-2-Sell sellers’ agent, they are given a choice between two marketing programs offering guarnteed savings versus the traditional real estate companies :


  • With the Direct-to-Buyer® marketing program, customers pay a low, flat fee to sell their home without listing it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). While the MLS is a powerful marketing tool, not all home sellers want or need it. Under this program, Assist-2-Sell agents provide full-service, handling everything throughout the entire home selling process. Houses are marketed directly to home buyers, though, rather than to agents through the MLS.

  • Customers do have the option of placing their home in the local MLS through Assist-2-Sell’s MLS for Less® program. If the house sells through its listing in the MLS, they pay a traditional competitive commission to the buyers’ agent  but if the sellers accepts an offer written by their Assist-2-Sell office, they only pay the original flat fee, with no additional commission. By choosing Assist2Sell you always save money on fees! Either a substantial guaranteed savings versus the tradional model or tremendous savings if an Assist2Sell agent brings the buyer. 

Here's how it works

When you list with a traditional agent, they place your home into(MLS®) & typically charge 7% on the first $100K & 2.5% on the balance of the properties selling price to sell the home. The listing office then offers to share the total commission you are paying with the other (MLS®)agents typically 3.22% on the first $100K & 1.5% on the balance of the properties selling price. This compensation is their incentive to sell your home. 

Assist-2-Sell offers(MLS®)

All Assist-2-Sell offices are REALTORS® and members of their local MLS®. Assist-2-Sell offers you the option of placing your home in the same (MLS®) system at a lower total commission because your Assist2Sell agent absorbs the discounted portion of the commission whilst still offering the competitive rate to the buyers agent. Just like the traditional offices, we share the commission with(MLS®)agents, so they have the same incentive to sell your home as all the other homes in the (MLS®). In most cases, the cooperating agents earn the same selling commission they are accustomed to receiving again because Assist-2-Sell absorbs the "discounted" portion of the total commission.

How Can we sell homes for lower commissions?

Volume. By charging a very competitive lower commission, Assist-2-Sell generally attracts a higher number of listings than traditional agents. We can afford to make less on each sale when we sell more homes. 



Assist-2-Sell customers receive full-service, regardless of whether they select the Direct-to-Buyer program or the MLS for Less program. And there are no upfront costs; all fees are paid after the house closes escrow.


For each home that it lists, Assist-2-Sell franchise offices will:

  • Price the home accurately using the same techniques as appraisers.
  • Implement an aggressive marketing campaign that is targeted and aimed at reaching active home buyers directly.
  • Include it on Assist-2-Sell’s national Web site, as well as on the local Assist-2-Sell Web site.Post a "for sale" sign for the front of the home.
    • These listings may include an unlimited number of photos, detailed property and community information, and easy access to a "live" agent.
    • Many local offices also list their houses on real estate Web sites like Trulia, Zillow, Google Base and Craigslist.
    • Homes that are listed in the MLS are also listed on®.
  • Create a listing flyer.
  • Keep the "for sale" sign’s flyer box full of flyers.
  • Take all phone calls.
  • Show the home to prospective home buyers.
  • Arrange for other agents to show the home.
  • Pre-qualify home buyers.
  • Help the home buyer obtain financing.
  • Negotiate the purchase agreement.
  • Write the sales contract.
  • Handle all paperwork.
  • Meet with appraisers.
  • Arrange for all inspections.
  • Supervise the closing.


* Fees vary for homes over $500,000. Call for details.
Any comparisons to a percentage commission, such as 7% on the first $100K and 2.5% on the balance, are for illustration and comparison
purposes only. Commissions are negotiable and not set by law. The information herein is
deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. All information to be verified.


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